If your writing project falls within our mission of working with progressive grassroots organizations that advance social justice, we'd like to work with you--through either individual consultations (in person, by phone, or electronically) with any one of your activists, or workshops/classes with your group of activists (we will work together to determine the method). 


Remember that our philosophy of writing support is based on popular education (it is non-hierarchical and anti-oppressive), and sees political education as skill-sharing.  


Here is a sample of the kinds of writing projects we currently work on:

  • fliers

  • brochures

  • grant applications

  • websites

  • memoir

  • editorials

  • websites

If you have a writing project that doesn't fit into any of these categories, we can can find a writing consultant who has that expertise. 

Our high quality writing professionals offer all these services for free.  This is why donations are important.   

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